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Prints And The Sunny Side Of Life

Two weekends back, I attended my first event of the year and it was a collab with Momentosbox.

I first met her when I went for the Afro O” Naturel event and I was in awe of her and how professional she was with her handmade products.

She called and told me about the DJisha Africa Event, asked if I wanted to join her for it and I thought that was mighty cool of her to do that. She didn’t have to and I appreciated that she did.

It’s not a well known event and the small group of people who attended came mostly for the East African food which is what the event was about. I have tried Ethiopian food once and I wasn’t very much a fan of it but seeing as I’m not very adventurous with food, it’s no surprise. It took me a while to appreciate Asian and German food.

So anyways, it was great collaborating with Tutu because I got to see her work and communicate with the customers who came over to our stand. I am just used to sitting and letting the people look around without talking to them except they ask me for a price tag.

But watching her work her magic with the clients was a good way for me to learn a few things about being a business woman in the craft world. She doesn’t just make her stuff herself but when she interacts with her potential clients, she gives life to the things she makes and I found this to be such a joy to watch.

She inspired me to start building a website…one I’m yet to complete by the way…and I am excited to start selling on it!

There were other fine African artists at the event as well and I remember this girl who came in and started fixing up her stand. The first thing I got drawn to was the huge painting of a dark skin woman in a headscarf and sunglasses. All I could think was I wanted that in my Wohnzimmer.

So I asked her price and the Nigerian in me began bargaining. Sadly someone had already asked her for it and the price that person was willing to pay was a lot more than what I was offering.

I also met another woman who was selling art from Ugandan locals and I usually find things like that very encouraging because it gives the people a platform to show their trade on a worldwide scale, not just at home.

Then there was the Indian lady who was into henna. Her work is beautiful and I regret not taking photos of all the people she worked on. She was so fast and efficient and I just had to get her contact because I do want to try henna one day.

There were two other artists at the event but I had the worst case of hay fever and couldn’t move around like I wanted to. As much as I love spring, I hate the start of it because my skin changes so badly and my Pollen is usually the worst ever. This year though, it got bad. My whole body hurts from the constant sneezing, my eyes itch and feel swollen and when my nose isn’t running, it is blocked. I freak out when I forget to take Taschentücher with me and I get tempted to sneeze into my scarf.

It is terrible and I hate it but I’m done with thick winter jackets and heavy wool scarves. It’s time for some accessories and lace tights. After all, isn’t that what spring is about??!! ????????



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