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When The Colonizer Looses Control

Anyone who isn´t outraged by the death of Mr Floyd is the reason there is never going to be peace in the US.

The very fabric on which America was built, is woven from looting, murder, violent wars and displacement of the original land owners. Anywhere they go, they bring atrocities, and destruction with them. A lot of these supremacists are probably descended from ancestors breastfed by slaves because their mothers could not. Yet here we are.

I have never been a fan of vandalism or looting during any sort of protests, but when supremacists killed Heather Heyer during a supposedly peaceful protest(what they have to protest about is quite honestly beyond me) and were dubbed very fine people by the president himself, that ended my belief about peaceful demonstration.

Peaceful demonstration solves nothing.

When the other percentage of American citizens are enraged about lootings during a riot but care less about the death of George Floyd, then you know that the once great nation was never ever great. These racists have always been there, torch passed down from generations. The only difference being that the world is watching all of it. Social media has brought racism to the forefront of civilization and the greatness that was America, was apparently never hers in the first place.

When the president can call racist murderers “very fine people” and call the people protesting police brutality “thugs”, then you have to understand that this man is the worst kind of racist catalyst there is.

The people claiming that the looters care nothing about the death of the man whom they protest really makes you understand that people will show some kind of “support” if it fits their narrative.

People like Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk who were both loudly silent after the death of George Floyd and all the others are suddenly vocal about looting while rioting.

What did you think was going to happen?

People are crying over their lost merchandises but ignore the fact that a man was killed in front of the whole world. In other words, their products are worth more than a human life.

And then there are those who bring up Martin Luther King Jr, saying he protested peacefully and yet the very same people were outraged when Colin Kaepernick knelt on one knee to silently protest police brtality on brown folks. The president himself cursed him out. Now here they all are, putting Mr King´s name on their filthy mouths.

At the time of King, his silent protests had the exact same effect as violent protests because these supremacists could not endure the idea of a brown skin man standing up to them.

It´s 2020 and we still have to watch our fellow brothers, sisters, parents, aunties, uncles, cousins, next door neighbours being slaughtered like animals on the streets in front of the whole world.

Then when we get up and fight by organising protests that turn violent which do not include killing anyone, the racists get up angry and call us thugs.

Where was that rage when the police was brutally murdering human beings? Where was that rage when little boys were killed because they had on a hoodie? Where was this rage? Instead what you get is justifications of their deaths. He was a thug, he was on drugs, he went to jail, he was a looter, he was a thief.

When a caucasian boy gets up and kills, the narrative is different. His mum molested him, he was a star student, he has a clean record…

If you do not see the diference, if you are not outraged, if you keep quiet about police brutality but open up your mouth wide enough to swallow your racism during protests that involve looting, then you do not deserve to be on this earth.

You cannot replace life. If destroyed property angers you over a life lost, you are scum.

Brown skin folks, get up off your butts and fight, take to the streets, burn down police buildings, loot stores, break down walls, occupy the city, bring the country to its knees… Anything less will keep these killings going. Racism is never going to end if the oppressed don´t become violent, destroy the one language white America understands: PROPERTY.

The very thing that America fears because they know who will come out as victorious.

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” -Assata Shakur (1987)