Life Resolution Sewing

Instagram Wahala and the Joys of Sewing

It´s 2021, I successfully voted in the nov 3rd presidential election and christmas during the pandemic was still beautiful.

Like clockwork, I do have some plans for 2021 and I am proud to say it has only been 6 days and my plans are still active!! Not a lot to brag about obviously, seeing as the year just began and we cannot predict the future, but determination is a pretty good motivator.

I learned a lot of things last year, picked up a few skills, honed in some skills and attempting to learn more skills this year.

One of the things I plan to do this year is make my own clothes. I have gathered up quite a few patterns and will be using them this year to build a completely different wardrobe. Yes, I have most probably voiced this plan a while back, but I was not motivated enough and had a huge angst von sewing patterns and instructions. Weird I know, but we all have our fears. I already have a few clothes I made, but I want to challenge myself with much more difficult patterns.

Now social media is said to be one of the greatest platform to build a business portfoilio and I did attempt that with my hand made products but I fail woefully with social media.

So, let´s talk about Instagram.

My biggest problem with this platform is feeds. First, lemme just say I am terrible at taking photos so my Instagram account is totally bland and unseasoned!

But moving on, if you so much as comment at least twice on a profile, Instagram will keep bringing that account to your timeline every single day.

I have had some profiles with captions I do not agree with. And when I do leave comments , instagram brings the account back again. So the one way I have been avoiding this is to completely block those accounts.

Some may wonder why I block complete strangers that don´t even know I exist, but it´s not about that. This is the only way I know to stop instagram from displaying these accounts on my feed. It helps me control what I see and interact with.

I always tell meself to not leave rude comments on other people´s opinion because arguing with a total stranger on social media is like fighting a 4 year old with massive tantrums, but mehn! Some opinions are rude comments attractors!

We always say that social media is evil, but the truth about it is that people are evil and decide to use their platform for evil, so blaming social media is like blaming a gun for deaths. Human beings operate the gun. A gun does not load itself and go find who to kill. People do that.

So yes we can use Instagram for good. People are using instagram for good. I have learned quite a few things about Black History on this platform, I have met really good people on Instagram, and I have found a drumful of inspiration from many Instagram profiles.

What we do with what we have, tells our story. Good or bad. You just have to decide what category you want to find yourself in.

Me? I chose to keep blocking pages that have completely different views from mine. You can call that petty and I completely agree that it is petty.

But we are not talking about a me fufu you garri type of different view here.

Are we?