A License To Drive with Dr Martens

Driving is an activity I totally love. Sure, getting my license was pretty darn frustrating as I turned out to be a very slow learner. My instructor was always taking some holiday of some sorts and leaving me hanging for 3 weeks or less until my next practice hour, and then the pandemic hit.

Suffice to say, I switched schools and eventually got my license. And for a whole month, it was a great feeling to look into my wallet, pull out my card, and pinch myself that I was not dreaming. Which was weird because I was totally fine using the train or bus to wherever I had to go, or have the Mr drop me off, and pick me up. Grabbing my car keys and going places by myself is indeed a great feeling. For me at least.

Now, for someone like me who basically lives in Dr Martens boots, I searched the internet on how possible it was to drive with these thick sole boots. Of course, it is said that wearing shoes that make it easy for you to feel your pedals is ideal, and there really aren´t any laws on what shoes one must wear while driving. Apparently, one can even drive barefoot.  However, the possibility of getting blamed for an accident can be connected to the type of footwear you have on.  So, having the right shoes is ultimate.

If your shoes are too heavy on your feet, or too high, you run the risk of loosing the feel of your gas pedal. Slippery or loose fitting shoes can make you loose control of your pedal and suddenly slip away from say the brake pedal at the moment you need to actually engage it, which can lead to serious accidents. Sneakers are said to be the proper shoes, but I have some pairs that when it´s wet outside, the soles become slippery and they make me super uncomfortable while driving, making me put more pressure on my right foot and also my knees. I even keep a napkin in the car to wipe my sneakers dry on rainy or winter days to avoid slip.

Dr Martens shoes are really sturdy, and they give you a sense of control. At least, on the streets.


The Jadons are quite chunky, can be heavy too when worn for too long. I do drive often enough with them. The trick is to get comfortable with them first.  I am a size 40 but because the Jadons are cut big, they do tend to seem really bulky. So I either have to double my socks or just wear really thick ones to fill into the cherry red pair. This helps me have control while driving.


The blue/black and the black Jadons I actually purchased in size 39 and the funny thing about these two is that even though they both are 39, the black is much more comfortable while driving than the blue/black pair and I have no idea why. In fact, I am considering selling off the blue/black pair as even walking after 20 minutes with them hurt my ankles.

My 1460s however are actually perfect for driving, and I practically use them daily.


The Max Jadons are a different story. The only pair I own are the studded ones and I am yet to test drive them. I may not though because the soles are super high, and I am not sure there is enough room to move my right foot between my brake and my gas pedal while wearing them.

I have not tried driving with the chunky sandals though. But I am inclined to believe they work the same way since the soles are practically the same. I mean, it isn’t officially summer (even though we have had 2 full weeks of massive heat) and I am yet to bring up my summer footwear from the cellar where I store seasonal clothings. Will figure that out later. For now, I am super excited to know I can drive with my Docs as I was really fretting over that. And there wasn’t that much info on it as I wanted. Hence my attempting it on my own to get the conclusions I needed.

Was I frightened the first day I got on the Autobahn with the chunky soles? Just a little bit. But it is much more fun since the Autobahn is literally just a long road with no traffic lights, no zebra crossings, none of those 10, 30, 40 speed limits that require you to change gears super often, and no pedestrians.

At the end of the day, the soles of my shoes are super helpful for me in choosing what to wear while driving. I would say that test driving your Jadons around your neighborhood for about a week or so should give you the confidence as a newbie driver to use them for longer trips.

Please bear in mind that this is just my opinion, try driving with these boots at your own risk.

I am not a professional driver, nor do I give driving lessons.