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A War Of Blame

The corona pandemic is still going on, and with it, all kinds of idiocy, toiletpaper and flour still get completely sold out before normal people get...

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Köln is a great city and it´s amazing the different people that pass through on the daily and you wonder what their story is…well I always wonder. I...

Germany naija blues USA


Yup, Uncle Sam celebrates another year and surprisingly I don’t see tons of talks about it as I thought I would. Meanwhile over in Cologne is the weekend...

essen Germany naija blues


All dressed up…or should I say down? Anyways went for a walk and stopped by the tierpark. Its a really cool place. The spielplatz is perfect and the...

Germany kino

Mad Max

I was just thinking about how a remake of an old Mel Gibson movie would be when I found out about a new mad max. My excitement knew no bounds. Tom Hardy (you...


Babbel App

In my bid to get my A1 German language going, I installed the babbel language app… Well of course it wasn’t free duh!! I got the 9.99 or so...



Its the middle of the year…its not supposed to be cold and wet. I hate when the ground is wet. It drives me insane like literally insane!! Whatever...

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