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Asos And Its Beauty Angels

We all know how challenging online shopping can be. Sure it’s certainly comfortable because you are at home, sipping tea or in my case chewing some poundo yam with freshly made afang soup!

You aren’t being crushed by fellow shoppers, you aren’t getting pissed by the heat in some changing rooms, especially that of Zara which is not just warm inside but dusty, dirty, and you struggle in the scorching heat to slap off chunks of dust from the bottom of your jeans that caught on while you were trying to fit into them jeans.

Very detailed description I guess but that’s my personal experience in one of the Zara stores I visit in the city. They are understaffed, they have no shopping baskets which basically means that if you have 10 bis 12 items and the changing rooms are full, in the heat you have to hold all them outfits in your arms and pray someone gets out for you to get in. This is assuming you are first in line. Now I’m saying no baskets or bags because I didn’t see one and the staff didn’t suggest where I could get one(assuming there was), when I complained about the weight while waiting.

OK, I digress here but my point is in-store shopping can also be just as bad as online but the one advantage the former has over the latter is trying on for size.

You have the chance to physically try on these outfits when shopping in-store. But for online shopping as comfortable as it can be, it can also be stressful and so damn tiring when all the models aren’t shaped like you, and your eyes hurt from starring at the screen hours on end looking for the perfect outfit. Let’s not even talk about going to your cart and finding out that two items have been sold out while you were browsing! That never happens in store because well, the items are in your arms.

So, you wear an M or a Large but the fitting with Zara can be so challenging. For example, I wear a 40 which is mostly M right? But half the tops I try on which aren’t t-shirts from this store never fit me.

Of course it’s not any fault of the store. My shoulders are broad and my boobs just don’t fit into these tops so I’m left with just buying tshirts. Dresses however from Zara fit me amazingly and I never worry about my boobs not fitting into the dress or my arms and shoulders being too big for the Zara size M.

So anyways, you buy an outfit that looked so good on the model and it arrives with your high expectations, but then you try it on and know there is no way you are leaving your home in this long awaited outfit which you have already paid for and will now go through the process of returning.

Enter ASOS.

Ever since my sister introduced me to the above named shop, I’ve had the most amazing shopping experience with them and I never regret any purchases I’ve made. Sure I’ve sent a few back that I didn’t exceptionally like but I would give that store a 10 star.

ASOS has four different shopping categories; tall, petite, curve/plus size, and maternity. 

A large number of the same outfits can be found in all four categories and it gives one the chance to view how that one dress could possibly fit. You see a nice dress on a petite model and if you are me and no where near petite, it can be disappointing.

But not with Asos, thankfully.

Most times, that dress, that heavenly jumpsuit, that tank top you see in the petite section, you might most def find in the tall, maternity, and plus size sections.

It’s a good feeling knowing that you can get into a store and find one particular outfit in various sizes.

But imagine that this store is already doing beautiful things for their shoppers, then they go and introduce a new feature where you select an outfit and you can basically view it on two models shaped differently at the same time.

You don’t have to go back and forth between sections of the app to find one outfit that will fit you. This is currently only available for a small number of outfits, but the idea is wonderful.

A huge market place like ASOS, showing people that beauty has no standards, can definitely change the fashion world.

This is a shop that put a ban on model photoshopping, so I am always ready for positivity from them because I know they will always deliver on the truth.

The positive responses are endless and everyone is here for the greatness ASOS is providing for its shoppers.

H/M sure has the plus size dept but the truth is that ASOS just has so far no size limits when it comes to designs and the diversity is huge.

Oh and by the way, H/M is actually true to size. That’s one shopping experience I love with H/M, plus they have great payment methods that is suitable for everyone.

Anyways, there are also quite a good number of plus size brands out there; Torrid, forever21+, mod cloth and of course ASOS curve and all the plus size brands working with Asos like little mistress, brave soul, city chic etc.

But what ASOS does is what we are all here for. The idea that size truly has no limits, beauty has no standards and it doesn’t matter if you are expecting twins and ready to pop, style is borderless.

Disclaimer; these photos are the property of Asos.