The Great Vaginal Dispute

The vagina and it’s self cleaning abilities can still to this day be a huge argument amongst women. Which is actually quite sad.

I remember back in school, one of my oldest friends who at the time was studying to become a doctor(she’s a doc now incase you are wondering) warned us about the dangers of vigorously cleaning our vagina. There were stories of girls who would deep their fingers in with soap and dusche to properly clean the insides of their vagina and she’s like “what did you hide in there? Can you take out those fingers?!”

Once I met this really young girl who argued about how the vagina needed to be thoroughly cleaned from the insides. I told her how doing that would disturb the natural balance of bacteria that protects her vagina but did she believe me? Oh no.

Apparently, her mother taught her how to “properly” clean her vagina with her fingers, soap and gel. No way was she going to listen to me when her own mum was older, wiser and way more knowledgeable than I was at the time.

As women, we have been taught to believe a series of myths that tends to destroy us rather than help us. Companies are still making millions of money selling all kinds of vaginal cleaning products when in actual fact, all you need is water.

We are told that using baby powder in the vagina would leave it smelling fresh and clean and I wonder why anyone would want anything other than the regular inside your heavenly passage way. Yes, that’s the entrance to heaven y’all.

For decades, we grow up believing that vaginas must smell like roses and we do and put stupid things inside to make sure our vaginas smell like flowers. I mean come on. If your vagina smells like roses, then there is something wrong with you.

The vagina is self cleansing and all you need is water. Some people might say a mild unscented soap works too but me? Just water is fine. Sure the outsides need proper cleaning like you would clean the rest of your body but kindly step away from the insides of the vagina. Thank you.

I think that as women, we owe it to ourselves and our girls to teach them about the things the world doesn’t like to talk about. The time of just having the sex talk is over. Talk to your girls about the proper way to care for their vaginas. Talk to the boys about keeping their penises clean and understanding the sacred process of sex. Because as much as we try to protect our girls, our boys need protection too. Even more so if truth be told.

Boys are conditioned to act a certain way and not show emotions which makes them hide trauma way more and that in itself is very dangerous both to the boys and the girls we are trying so hard to protect.

Don’t just talk to your girls about preventing rape. Talk to your boys about not raping anyone. Sex shouldn’t be something you get by force.

It’s a beautiful thing and should be gotten with consent. The magical feeling of true response from your partner, the satisfaction of knowing the things you do to your partner are being enjoyed just as you are also feeling fulfilled. That shit shouldn’t be one sided. One person shouldn’t be in pain while the other writhes away in ecstasy. It is wrong on so many levels.

The vagina is one of the miracles of life and treating it like it’s regular oil dripping puffpuff is just disrespectful. And downright dangerous too.

Stop buying vaginal cleaning products because they are more damaging than helpful. The world has forced a fear into women about dirty smelly hoohas and that fear is what forces women to buy products they actually don’t need. Especially the douche. That crap is so dangerous and the number of women who swear by it is shocking.

You are already paying water bills, why spend more just because some old white man has told you that your vagina needs intensive care.

No it doesn’t. It’s got that already and that’s the power of the vagina.

These men already control laws surrounding our health as women, why let them have one more button?

Ask the women of Kenya and Liberia. They will tell you how powerful the vagina is after all, they have had successful sex strikes due to the greatness of the vagina.  Some ignorant heterosexual men may argue about how untrue this is and spend their cash on sex dolls but the truth is crystal clear.

The Vagina is a miracle. Protect it and don’t mess around with it by using stupid products you truly don’t need ladies.


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