Dark skin

Under The Sea Of White Privilege

The internet is a beautiful place.

It is also a place where all forms of emotions are displayed both on and offline.

When I saw the post announcing Halle Bailey as the live action Ariel from The Little Mermaid, my heart was full of joy. I grew up watching Disney princesses and as a kid I never thought about seeing myself in one of them, it never crossed my mind to see me in them. These girls were mostly caucasian and they wore ball gowns and fancy shoes and met princes.

Now I was never a ball gown kid and hated it when my mama forced me into them but I enjoyed the idea of fairytales (I still do) and happy ever after was my weakness. Then as a teen I began reading romance novels and even though I never imagined I would be swept off my feet by a billionaire, I knew I wanted my own idea of fairytale. A man who smiled at the thought of me, who did great things just to make me happy, a man who wanted to be with only me, tomboy and all. That right there was my fairytale.

I probably teared up a bit at the picture of Ms Halle as Ariel. It took me back to the anticipation of Black Panther. How excited I was to see women like me playing kick ass warriors on a massive platform. I used to read the comics and if there was any imagination I had, it was to be that warrior. Barefeet, dark oily skin with a few daggers and a spear! That’s the person I dreamed of being.

But as an adult and coming this far, seeing the impact Black Panther had on kids all over, I knew that change was imminent. I felt the pride little brown girls would feel when they see Ms Halle as a character their mothers grew up watching. The joy of them seeing a dark skin princess who isn’t from New Orleans and stayed a frog the entire movie.

What I didn’t expect was the evil, despicable, and disrespectful hash tags that sad caucasian people were using to show their disgusting privilege.

It’s 2019 and we still have people who get angry about diversity.

This is why I have been against teaching little kids about homosexuality in school curriculum. How can you teach 9 year olds about same sex when you haven’t taught your children about racism? That shit just confuses little kids because they don’t care who screws who. You can’t choose the diversity to stand for. That’s not how this works.

First of all, sex education hasn’t even fully been accepted and people still fail to see the importance of it. Who people choose to mate with shouldn’t be your problem as long as they aren’t raping little boys and girls.

How to practice safe sex, and the consequences of sex at young ages should be the sole focus and is the sole focus of sex education.

When you force kids to learn about gay sex but feign ignorance on racism just shows how far we have to go. Imagine a little girl who gets bullied by her caucasian class mates because she is dark skin and yet she is forced to learn about your sexual preferences. It wll confuse her because she knows she is part of a diverse community just like the community you are forcing her to learn about and yet she gets bullied for being a minority. Imagine that she grows up to become transgender and still has to face discrimination for being transgender and brown. So no, you don’t get to choose what diversity you stand for.

To think that young people are the ones using these despicable hash tags is sole evidence that the school system is failing.

A young Muslim girl was murdered by her caucasian classmates and these kids haven’t been arrested. A shoplifting suspect was shot in the head and no one is being arrested. Dark skin citizens are dealing with all forms of racism and hate and what the caucasian community is worried about is Disney making a fictional character brown.

For 70 years, we have seen and loved Disney characters that look nothing like us but the one time a minority group gets included, white previlage rears its ugly head.

Obama was disrespected in the worst kind of way just for being a mixed race president. Trump has said disturbing things about people, has disrespected women, admitted to the possibility of having sex with his daughter and allegedly raped a 13 year old girl and people still plan to vote for him come 2020.

To anyone who says white privilege doesn’t exist, proves my point. If you as a non brown person says there is no such thing completely proves my point. When you say you can’t be racist just because you have a brown skin friend proves my point. When you get mad about Ariel being brown and say refugees get what they deserve proves my point. You are racist, you sit on that fake ignorance of white privilege and are not for diversity just because you support one diverse group.

Y’all try to be open minded if you can manage it but that shit isn’t my problem really, just stay mad while the brown community grows because we will and we are growing!


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