Family Life

Death, The Next Adventure

Loosing someone close to you is hard.

It´s especially hard when you have no idea how to grieve. When is the right time? Why am I happy when I should be sad? How do I keep going on? Why did this happen?

I wasn´t very close to my dad prior to his death. We had a falling out few  months after I graduated from university and we never spoke to each other like we used to.

Sure I was super sad that he passed away before we could reconcile properly, but he was in a lot of pain and for someone as proud as him, I can´t even imagine what was going through his mind.

My mum dying however was a different story. It had been two weeks since we last chatted, and I remember The Mr asking when I last spoke with her and maybe call and find out how she´s doing.

My mama was a drama queen. Calling her usually began with her making a scene about me waiting so long to call her, or harassing me for not asking how her day went, what she had for dinner etc. I wasn´t in the mood for her usual drama so I avoided calling her that week.

I was speechless the day I got the news of her death. I cried a little and just went about my usual day. Then I would remember something she liked and the tears would drop.

It´s been two years now since her death and I still cry when I think of her. I could be reading a book or watching a movie and a scene will come up where someone died in almost the same manner as she did, my brain would just relate it to her death, and I would ball my eyes out.

My mama wasn´t exactly the best mum in the world, but she is my mum, and despite her shortcomings as a mother, she will always own a huge spot in my heart. I wouldn´t be in this world if it wasn´t for her.

The news of Chadwick Boseman´s death broke millions of hearts worldwide. The world is basically still in mourning over his death. He wasn´t just the actor who portrayed  a black superhero character from Africa. He was a man that embodied the very nature of what a superhero should be in real life.

My heart breaks when I remember he died. Hell, I know a few people who shed actual tears for him.

Is there a proper way to mourn the loss of someone you know? I don´t believe there is. What is mostly important, is not forgetting who and what that person meant to you.


“Death ends a life, not a relationship” –Mitch Albom