The Hypocritic Face of Justice

First and foremost, lemme just say how great it is that another woman could take Ruth Bader Ginsburg´s spot because God knows we need more women at the tables, making decisions on the rights of a woman.

Also, the fact that she is going to be the youngest speaks volume.

However, Judge Amy C. Barrett is the last woman that should be accepting a nomination and looking forward to joining SCOTUS.

When the news of her nomination hit the media, I was curious as to who she was and why Trump selected her out of everyone else.

Barrett is what I like to call a radical christian. The same religious behaviour that makes most of America hate on muslims is exactly what she is. This is a woman who viciously opposed Obama replacing Justice Scalia months before a presidential election. There is actual video evidence of her voicing her opinion. And I´m curious as to why this has not been put at the forefront of her nomination.

However, she is fine with the Trump administration doing the exact same thing and looking victorious. Obama was blocked from doing what the republicans are doing now and Graham – on camera – told us to use his words against him that he would never let a republican president replace a dead or retired judge so close to an election. But here we are, 2020, during an election and they are being hypocritic as ever.

What´s the rush? If they are so certain about a second term, why not pretend to show some type of decency and wait to appoint Barrett.

If Barrett is such a Godly christian woman who believes in good, why did she not reject her own nomination and wait until after the elections? That´s what she said Obama should do back then.

She is being displayed as this perfect christian woman with good morals and values, but this woman has strongly opposed the ACA, she believes kids from unmarried parents should have no right to education and that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, basically saying that women should not possess any rights on terminating unwanted pregnancies, a decision about their own body.

Her belief is that life begins at conception and if given the chance, she might probably put a ban on IVF as well.

“Whether embryos are implanted in the woman and then selectively reduced or it’s done in a petri dish and then discarded, you’re still ending a new human life at that point and we do oppose that,” Appleman said, adding that the discarding of embryos during the IVF process was equal to the act of having an abortion.

Appleman, the ED of St Joseph County Right to Life(Right to Life Michiana), a group in which Barrett supports has actively said doctors who perform abortion should be criminalized. Adding that clinics performing selective reduction should also be criminalized.

For a woman like me who has been told on numerous occassions that IVF is our only way of becoming parents, this hit me hard.

I have done IVF four times and I know for a fact it´s not so clear cut as he makes it sound. This is a process that´s very stressful, and to add more pressure by limiting the works of doctors is nothing short of evil.

Selective reduction is basically a process where the number of fetuses is reduced to a safe amount in a multiple birth and this is done to protect both the mum and babies. Multiple birth is always a risk and it´s even more risky during IVF. This group claims to be pro life, but a mother dying is not their priority. The procedure of course is heartbreaking due to what´s involved and to casually say that clinics providing the service should be criminalized is unfair.

This administration has claimed that Barrett´s position on abortion is unclear, but we know this to be untrue.  She literally called Roe v. Wade a barbaric legacy. How much clearer can she be please?

Yes she has claimed to not let her religious beliefs stand in her way of passing judgment. But didn´t  the White House Press Secretary promise not to lie to the American people when she was appointed? All that one has done from day 1 is lie every day she stands before the press…Yes we know how this works.

I´ve read various comments from women(shocked much?) who believe that rape victims should keep their babies when that crime does result in pregnancy and this just shows you how radical christians can be.

Not every woman is strong enough to keep a reminder of an atrocious act committed on them especially when the rapist goes free. Some women keep the baby and make their life a living hell. Plus let´s not forget these women advocating for a ban on abortion have never had to be in a position where they need to have one done. Republican politicians who pay for their mistresses to have abortions while advocating for a ban shows you the level of hypocrisy that is beyond measures.

If Roe v. Wade gets overturned, what would become of all the other constitution that protects the people. Will Loving vs Virginia be overturned? Or Obergefell v. Hodges, and all the other civil rights cases that goes against “christian beliefs“. I mean, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is basically non-existent in my opinion. Pence claims there is no such thing as systemic racism. Just to be clear, Pence is an old American heterosexual white man. What does he know about racism?

I have cast my vote and tracking my mail to know when it arrives the election office. I would rather go to the US to vote but Corona has me lurking in the shadows of my home. I will definitely take a trip if my ballot does not arrive. Covid-19 or not.

I don´t for one second think the Dems are perfect. I actually think they have no business being a major party because they don´t know how to play dirty like the Reps. When Obama was president, the Reps made his administration a living hell. But no one has done anything significant to get Trump out. The man is like a toddler with parents who believe kids should always get their way no matter what. Those parents who will buy an item in the store so their kids don´t make a scene on the floor.

Obama would never have gotten away with 10% of Trump´s crimes.

Yet here we are.

For now, all we have is our vote. Doesn´t matter who your candidate is, just get out and vote.


“There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.” -Barack Obama

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.” -George Jean Nathan

“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” -Abraham Lincoln